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  • Danish veterinarians are helping to keep the fish in freshwater and marine aquaculture in good health.


    Healthy fish in Danish fish farming Danish consumers face every day a wide range of fish products in their grocery stores. We offer fish from home and abroad, captured in the sea and farmed in different types of aquaculture. In addition to foreign fish, for example. salmon from Norway, it is now  possible to buy farmed Danish salmon and rainbow trout from freshwater and marine aquaculture. Fish get sick from infections and parasites like all other animals, and this presents a challeng to the industry.  Professor Kurt Buchmann and postdoctoral fellow Jakob Skov from the University of Copenhagen describes  how the Danish fish farms have developed and how to ensure the health of the fish while production is kept sustainable. Read the full article (Danish) in Dyrlægen (the Veterinarian) October 2015 »

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