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IVS world class research in veterinary clinical microbiology, food safety, experimental animal science and welfare, fish diseases, parasitology, heart disease, diabetes, molecular disease biology

IVS teaches food safety, experimental animal science and welfare

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  • 2015

  • Katrine Hartung Hansen

  • Luca Guardabassi

    • 22-10-2015
    • Luca Guardabassi, Professor MSO with CVM, has found new challenges in St. Kitts Nevis, and will be leaving IVS by the end of October.

  • Up to date

    • 12-11-2015
    • Kvægforskere på KU-SUND præsenterer forskningsresultater, som adresserer kvægsektorens udfordringer inden for dyrevelfærd, sundhed og bæredygtig produktion.


    • 17-11-2015
    • Pathogen – host interactions and vaccine effects



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      The Graduate School for Infectious Diseases and Immunity, Profish and DAFINET


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